deaf board game convention 2018

Friday, April 6th

1:00pm - Door open
6:00pm - Convention’s formal open
6:30pm - Opening speech, the game library will be open afterward
7:00pm - Big group game (Deception, lead by Hunter Eakes)
9:00pm - TOURNAMENT, Century: Spice Road
12:30am - Game Library close
1:00am - Doors close

Saturday, April 7th
8:00am - Doors open
8:30am - Game Library open
9:00am - continue the Century TOURNAMENT if necessary
10:00am - Speaker (TBA) on Topic (TBA)
1:30am - Game Library close
2:00am - Door close



Sunday, April 8th
8:00am - Doors open
8:30am - Game Library open
10:00am - Speaker (TBA) on Topic (TBA)
8:00pm - Game Library close, start clean up
10:00pm - Door close

The schedule is subjected to change as we near the DBGC date..




WELCOME! After a very successful DBG.CON in 2017, we're beyond thrilled to announce the 2nd annual board game convention for the deaf, to be held once again and always in Austin, Texas.

Welcome to the Deaf Board Game Convention (DBG.CON) website. This website will be dedicated to providing you with information on DBG.CON 2018, to be held at the Austin Association for the Deaf in Austin, Texas, from Friday, April 6, through Sunday, April 8. This event is open to the public in the deaf community. DBG.CON is a place where gamers of all levels can gather to enjoy the weekend with others who share their interest. Best of all, the entire event will be conducted in ASL!

For the entire weekend, the Austin Association for the Deaf will be dedicated to board games. We will provide a game library with more than 200 games available to all attendees, and you can bring your own games as well. DBG.CON will have game teachers who will teach new players how to play a variety of games. We will also provide several free workshops related to board games. The Austin Association for the Deaf also offers extra accommodations, such as five 50-inch-plus televisions with full cable channels, as well as wi-fi service.

Throughout the event, there will be many great prizes to win in tournaments and drawings. Event organizers will do their best to meet any special requests for specific board games. You can ask for a tournament to be arranged for a specific game, or that a specific game be available at the convention, or reserve a table for a specific game at a certain time (this may be an open group table or a private group table). An open group table means that you reserve a table for a specific game, but anyone can join the game. A private group table means that you reserve a table for a specific game with specific players.

To send comments to the DBG.CON organizers, please contact us via Facebook; send comments to either
,Joshua Hottle or Clyde Egbert, the two admins on the Facebook page. If you prefer email, you can contact us at

Notes for attendees:

•• There is a limit of 60 registered spots avilable - make your purchase ASAP to gaurantee your spot!

•• * All meals are on attendees’ own time—dine out or order delivery

* Bar will serve drinks (including alcoholic beverages) Snack bar has pizza, popcorn, and other snacks.

* It goes without saying: be respectful to each other, but just as a reminder: - Be polite, be generous, be patient, be tolerant, be a good sport. - Personal hygiene is important! We will be in close proximity to each other for hours on end. - Share your games, and treat others’ games as if they were your own (watch out for drinks and food). - Above all, have fun!


DBGC Chairpersons Joshua Hottle & Clyde Egbert
DBGC Editor, Dan Mansfield
DBGC Representative, Ashley Watson

Ticket to Ride



Do you want to see game library?

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3 day - $65.00 ($75.00 at door)

2 day - $55.00 ($65.00 at door)

1 day - $40.00 ($50.00 at door)